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Established in 2016

Welcome to the official website of the Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO) at UNC-Chapel Hill! What started as a few first-years freestyling on the third floor of Craige Residence Hall has turned into a university-wide movement — and it's just getting started.

"If you're scared to take chances, you'll never have the answers."

Nas, Trust on Life is Good

Get to Know SHHO

Good music has the power to transport us to another time and place, but the culture that breeds that music can change the world.  Born on the values of free speech and rebellion and authenticity, hip-hop — in all its beautiful forms (music, fashion, art, etc.) — has been an agent for social change, a platform for free expression and a playground where consumers and artists can just have fun. And that's what SHHO at UNC is all about.

Our official mission can be broken down into two parts:

Creation: Through putting on performances, workshops and more, we strive to provide the tools and opportunities for students to develop their hip-hop-related talents.

Appreciation: By putting on listening parties, panels, podcasts, art showcases, etc., we hope to provide an atmosphere for students to enjoy a community of individuals with a similar love and passion for hip-hop culture.

On this site, you’ll find music videos of our members, photos from previous SHHO events, track links of up-and-coming Chapel Hill talent, SHHO original videos, blog posts and more. We want SHHO to be a place where you can let any of your talents shine through — whether that be writing, rapping, producing, photography, painting, fashion design, budgeting, event planning...anything.

The organization is young, but what it aims to accomplish on UNC’s campus is long overdue. Join us on our mission to build this important community.


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